Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray Therapy

What we love about this technique is that the innate self chooses unconsciously what a person needs to heal and how deeply that healing goes.


The indirect and expressive nature of this therapy can make accessing pain and patterns more fluid and natural in a way that talk cannot achieve for some people.

Sand is great if you feel “stuck”, caught in a pattern, or to help flush out dynamics and understanding by building a world using miniature figurines within the sand.  The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s or family’s life and allows an opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, gain self-acceptance or as a way to share with others the possible beliefs or barriers you don’t have the words and understanding to express.

Sand can be used in a single session or many sessions until a person, couple or family has met their goals.  Goals can include the act of bringing what was hidden to the surface or noticing unconscious blocks have resolved or no longer have the same impact.







Click the images below to see videos of sandtrays being created!