Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a gift for parents and children alike.

For children they have an opportunity to build a safe and trusting relationship with an adult that is all their own.  From the very first visit it's made clear that this is their process, and they are the leaders. The child doesn’t need to have goals or strategies around this time; they are naturally drawn to where they need healing and support.  Our specially designed playrooms and play therapists provide the right elements to create a container allowing for shifts from chaos and destruction to creation and control.  This relationship focuses solely on what the child wants and needs to experience and have reflected back to them in order for deep positive growth and change to occur.

For parents, you can feel comfortable knowing your child’s therapist has received special training and that your child’s process is being tracked with research approved assessments.  Parent sessions will allow you to voice some of the challenges you have in supporting or understanding your kiddo, and at that time your child's therapist will be able to both feel and express how your child processes and reacts to different situations.  An added bonus will be having the pleasure of bringing your kiddos somewhere they actually want to go, and feel drawn to.

Play therapy is a gift,
having a parent brave enough to become a "mini play therapist"
~that's priceless!!

Additional information about Play Therapy at The Clarity Clinic can be found in the video links below:

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