Simon Jo-Keeling, MACP, PhD, RP (Qualifying)

To me, therapy is about making connections to get safe and get real. When we get safe or real together, we often experience intense emotions or sensations. This is because the joy, flourishing, suffering, and exploitation our world creates leave marks on our bodies and minds. Some of the marks block efforts to get safe or real. When we look kindly and bravely at what’s there, though, we can find liberating responses to joy and suffering in ourselves and others. Therapists provide support and companionship in the midst of these potentially intense processes.

My own path has taken me to advanced training in anthropology, fifteen months in Cameroon, post-secondary teaching, organic farming, stay-at-home parenting, academic publishing, and domestic abuse response. These experiences help me respect and care for clients as unique, social beings. I’m interested in connecting with anyone who would like to befriend their feelings, and approach and bear the truth.