About Us

About Us

The Owners and Founders

Hello – We’re so glad you’re here.  The Clarity Clinic has been our vision manifested into reality.

Erin and I first met as private practitioners in 2017, and were drawn to each other and the idea of growing a group practice, but things didn’t line up quite right for us at that time. Over the next 3 years a deepening respect for each other and the energy we brought to Innate Health and Talk & Play grew.  For us, 2020 was a year of growth and transformation spiritually, personally and professionally.  Our paths again aligned just as the world was tucking into COVID which allowed us plenty of time to dream and create together.  We believed the timing was right for something new to be brought forward, an opportunity for healing and connection on a much larger level.

By joining together, we’re not only able to balance the best in each other, but support and lead an amazing team.  We look forward to sharing our passions for creation, growth, joy and transformation with individuals, couples, families, schools, communities and more.

Julia and Erin

Erin Gibb, MSc, RP, CCC – Practice Co-Owner, Clinical Supervisor

Hi I’m Erin!

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and a Canadian Certified Counsellor, but you might also call me a down-to-earth empath, a mindfulness-mentor, a devoted mom, and a wellness enthusiast.

I support adults who wish their lives were more peaceful, but who feel affected by stress, anxiety, burnout, caregiving, or trauma. Those I serve need a chance to break free from limiting patterns and experience the change they want.

Through my clinical experience and difficult times in my own past I have seen and felt the unbreakable nature of the human spirit, and this deeply informs my practice. Everything I do in session comes from the standpoint of the innate ability for holistic healing in all human beings! People who work with me know this too, and want to focus on their mind, body, emotion and spirit.

*I’m not taking new clients at this time in order to focus on training and supervising other clinicians

Julia Rushlow – MACP, RP, CPT, Practice Co-Owner

Welcome, I’m Julia!

I support children and youth to express and heal at their level and their pace using therapeutic play, art and sand, allowing change to occur with or without verbal communication.

I specialize in helping clients feel heard, appreciated and understood by reflecting back thoughts, emotions and actions I see, allowing an opportunity to reflect and align with their full potential.

I also work with parents by providing a safe and confidential place where they can be open to trusting and reconnecting with themselves or their children while learning to identify and stop patterns that have developed over time that might be blocking a brighter future.

My personal life lessons and losses, specialized education, training, and experience have equipped me to help you navigate through your own journey. You are worth it, and it is possible.

I believe everyone can have a brighter future and look forward to speaking to you!

Krystyna Metheral H.BA, MACP, RP

Hello and welcome, I’m Krystyna!

I’m inspired by the power of  all relationships – in particular the power of the therapeutic relationship. To me, the therapeutic relationship must be filled with trust, collaboration, safety and exploration, and I would be honoured to walk beside you as you embark on your path of mental wellness.

I was drawn to this field from personal experiences, and have come to admire all of those who allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to engage in counselling and find the strength within to make a meaningful change.

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist and have specialized training in CBT and EMDR Therapy, but no matter the type of counselling you wish to pursue, I will approach our time together through a relational lens, focusing on understanding what’s brought you to where you are, and working with you to make the changes that you desire. The adults that I work with are seeking to understand and truly change the root cause of their struggles as well as learn daily coping skills.

Contact me today to learn more about how working with me could make a difference for you!

Shannon Falkingham -MACP, RP 

Hi, I’m Shannon!

My passion and purpose is to help teens, tweens, kids and young adults shift out of whatever they’re struggling with so they can begin to find their voices, and learn to fully love and accept themselves for exactly who they are.  Whether struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, or relational skills, it’s important to me that my clients know that they’re worthy of love and belonging.

My own experiences showed me that these stages of life involve many unique struggles and challenges – some overwhelming, isolating and difficult to manage. With so many new temptations and choices, young people can benefit from having a safe, compassionate space where they can take off the mask, see that they’re not alone, and gain support and skills needed to make lasting positive change.

Part of my work is serving clients with cognitive and developmental disAbilities, whose high incidence of mental health challenges often go overlooked due to the focus on their disability. I realize and acknowledge the unique needs of each individual, and enjoy collaborating with them in an empathetic, accepting, and genuine environment.

Above all else, I believe that everyone is deserving of the life they want to live and I’d love to connect to begin the journey together.

Jody Benninger – MSW, RSW

Hello I’m Jody,

My journey into social work stemmed from doing grassroots work for numerous years, before making my social worker designation official.

I began my social work career in the HIV/AIDS field for several years and this led to working in the USA, and then abroad in developing countries. After returning from working overseas, I soon realized the value of pursuing a graduate degree in social work.

Following graduation, I have worked in a variety of settings and most recently I’ve held dual roles as an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) with the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University, as well as providing therapy to clients at a primary healthcare team.

In collaboration, you and I will work together to decide which approach (or combination of approaches) will best meet your therapeutic goals. I believe in a holistic approach to mental health and wellness and view my role as a guide in assisting you to navigate the circumstances you face, and as a reliable source of support to my clients throughout their journey. Throughout the therapeutic process, I will help you to identify and connect with your own inner wisdom and resilience. Please reach out to connect with me and begin or continue your therapeutic journey.

Renelle Bourdage, MC, RP, CCC

Hi, my name is Renelle and welcome to the Clarity Clinic!

Simply put, I love what I do, and am honored to work alongside individuals and couples on their mental health journeys. Like a journey, it takes courage to take the first step, thus I support my clients non-judgmentally and with unconditional positive regard while they’re on their paths to wellness.

I work well with individuals who are eager to put in the work to achieve their therapy goals. Whether those goals are developing better boundaries, emotional awareness, or better coping tools, I’m happy to collaborate with you and support you with evidence-informed practices.

For couples, I work well with those who seek better communication skills, negotiation and compromising strategies, or those who proactively seek to better understand each other and to feel closer as a couple.

I work from a client-centered and relational perspective which means that I believe that part of my job as a psychotherapist is to build a safe and confidential space with you where you can feel comfortable being and exploring your authentic selves. It’s then humbling to see innate resiliency arise and clients thriving in this safe environment.

I welcome you to start your journey with me.

Lyora MacRae – MACP, RP (Qualifying)

Hi, I’m Lyora,

My calling is to support others in alleviating their suffering and help them develop the lives they truly want to Live.  To do this, I believe that having a safe place to open up and process challenging thoughts, emotions, and sensations is essential to healing our wounds and opening up to our full potential.

The therapist-client relationship is incredibly powerful and critical to assisting in the creation of transformational change.  My style of working is person-centred, meaning that I work with clients where they are right now and where they want to go, instead of pushing my own agenda. Being person-centred also means lifting up the client to become the masters of their own life.

My love of people brought me to become a therapist, and while I’ve followed a winding path to work towards this career after years of being a life coach and working in human resources, I always felt called to the work.  I’m a new addition to Grey-Bruce after living the majority of my life in Toronto and It’s incredible being here – I’ve never felt more ‘at home’ than I do living in a rural area.

As a person on my own amazing journey, I’m grateful to be a part of this area and the lives of all of my clients.  If you’re keen to get started, I’d be delighted to get to know and work with you!

Kendall Nicoll, MACP, RP (Qualifying)

Hi, I’m Kendall!

I’m passionate about working with individuals who are striving towards living their most authentic lives. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings, and I work from a person-centred perspective. I believe that finding what works best for you and providing an individualized and unique counselling experience will lead to the best outcomes. It’s important to me to let the client lead the session, and identify what’s important for them to address during our time together.

I recognize that at each life stage, there are many new and often confusing experiences to navigate that can sometimes become overwhelming and difficult to deal with on your own. My goal is to help you explore new techniques and coping strategies to get you through the difficult times, in a safe and caring environment.  I’m have completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology, and will soon be a Registered Psychotherapist. I’m excited to offer my time and attention to help you become your best self!

Patricia (Patty) Hills – MSW, RSW

Hello, I’m Patty.  Welcome, I’m glad you’re here.

I am honoured to support you on your journey towards healing and increased resiliency.  Whether you’re looking for a reduction in your mental health symptoms, a strengthened emotional connection, increased confidence in your parenting, or the peace of mind that comes from being able to trust your own inner wisdom, you’re in the right place and help is just a phone call a way.  I offer in person and remote therapy sessions.

I am a Registered Social Worker and Certified EMDR Therapist with specialized training in child, youth and adult mental health; strengthening attachment relationships and therapeutic parenting (Circle of Security); healing from trauma (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing); and Gottman’s Couples Therapy.

We will work together to develop an intervention plan that is tailor made to help you achieve your therapy goals.  I strive to provide a safe non-judgemental therapeutic relationship where individuals, couples, and families from various backgrounds, lived experiences, and affiliations are welcome.

Caroline Campbell – M.Psych., RP (Qualifying), PsyD (in progress)

Hi I’m Caroline,

I offer a playful therapeutic approach that is warm, caring, encouraging and empathetic to children’s unique needs, worldview, creativity, and resilience.

I’m extremely passionate about my work and am constantly expanding my skills to better help my clients because I strive to therapeutically support children and their families to overcome the unique challenges they’re facing. I have a Master of Psychology degree and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, and am currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma with Play Therapy Canada while also in the process of completing my Doctor of Psychology (PsyD).

My Play Therapy approach builds upon children’s strengths and further develops sustainable long-lasting skills that will aid them in reaching their optimal potential for health and wellbeing.

Reach out for a free consultation to learn how virtual Therapeutic Play could support your loved one!

D. Barry Cook, PhD, C.Psych. – Clinical Supervisor

Through a virtual lifetime of experience as a psychologist in private practice, children’s residential treatment centres, children’s aid societies, schools, courts, and child and family community clinics, I have formed a fundamental understanding that current behaviour is, in part, a product of past experiences. It’s my view that emotional difficulties can often be understood as an expression of conflicts to which conscious connection has been lost. Within an environment that feels safe and free of judgement, it is often possible to explore and resolve such conflicts that tend to be expressed through emotional and, at times, physical distress.

I was trained in the view that differential diagnosis at the start of a therapeutic process is helpful to the success of any therapeutic endeavour and I hope my experience as a relational psychotherapist who also uses psychological testing to form hypotheses, may be helpful to others in understanding personality and cognitive development.

Now living in West Grey after decades working in and around Toronto, I feel I have ‘come home’ to a community reminiscent of the village in PEI where I began my own journey. At this stage of my career, I am particularly interested in supporting younger clinicians who are working with individuals looking for help for themselves or their children.