Hello – We’re so glad you’re here. The Clarity Clinic continues to be our vision manifested into reality.

Erin and I first met as private practitioners in 2017, and were drawn to each other and the idea of growing a group practice, but things didn’t line up quite right for us at that time. Over the next 3 years a deepening respect for each other and the energy we brought to Innate Health and Talk & Play grew. For us, 2020 was a year of growth and transformation spiritually, personally and professionally. Our paths again aligned just as the world was tucking into a full-fledged Pandemic, allowing us plenty of time to dream and create together. We believed the timing was right for something new to be brought forward, an opportunity for healing and connection on a much larger and deeper level.

At the core of the Clarity Clinic our focus has been on contributing to the field as a teaching practice to give cutting-edge training and experience to the next generation of therapy professionals, ensuring there are more of us with expertise to support clients. Whether they choose to stay with us here at the Clinic long-term or choose to spread their wings in their own practices, we know these efforts are growing the level of quality mental health care available in our regions.

Over the last few years, we have been honoured and blessed to grow with and lead such an amazing team. We look forward to sharing our passions for creation, growth, joy and transformation with individuals, couples, families, schools, communities and more.

Julia and Erin

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Our Specializations

Play Therapy

Our incredible play therapy spaces and trained Play Therapists set us apart! We're honoured to be a part of kiddos' growth and healing.


EMDR is a way to get unstuck and heal what lies at the roots of symptoms, allowing for a profound transformation.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

SSP opens a door for people of all ages and abilities to experience powerful shifts in emotional, behavioural, social, and sensory regulation - all while listening to specialized music!