Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Is a framework to educate and empower parents to create the harmonious relationships with their children that until now, they only dreamed of. Through learning and allowing themselves to be "held" in this program, parents ultimately heal their own wounded inner child. Often unknowingly, parts of our upbringing lead us as parents to question and undermining how we choose to show up for our kids and the decisions we make, pushing us into unconscious patterns of how we were raised. Seeing, understanding and healing these wounds deepens our ability to see behaviour as it truly is, a communication tool, which allows us to HOLD space for our children in a different way. This deep healing and shift in understanding ends the unconscious intergenerational patterns we are all so often trying to let go of.

HOLD has parents begin by listening to the Safe & Sound Protocol to open the parents capacity for safety, regulation and a willingness to be open for connection. Children feel this shift and the lean into it, which deepens into Parent/Child co-regulation, a sense of safety, and connection that maybe hasn;t been felt since they were babies. This new openness for safety and connection in encouraged and expanded through bravely attending the Paradigm Shift Parenting Group. Parents learn and practice how to hold space and connect with themselves, their children, and others in an authentic and vulnerable way, breaking old patterns of relying on fear and punishment and learning how to communicate through regulation, validation, and curiosity.

Check out these videos to hear Julia talk more about Play Therapy and to see how it would fit you and your family.

An Introduction to Julia & How is Play Therapy like Jail wowza

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