Parent Groups

Parent Groups

Mistakes have been made by all of us – there is no such thing as a perfect parent. 


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Parent groups will be led by Julia who specializes in child behaviour and development, and who comes into the space as a parent and as a therapist.

Julia will share examples of how doing it wrong actually brings about paramount growth and relationship repair.

*Please click the image to the right to watch a video of Julia further explaining the thought behind our Parent Groups.


What to Expect

  • The content will be determined by who arrives in the group; the challenges will inform the discussions
  • The groups are a place for parents to bring questions, difficulties, stories of success and trip-ups
  • Through empathic reflection, Julia will share how children feel in different situations and support ways of shifting conversations
  • Learn to separate yourself from what your child is showing you because their behaviour is not about you, but it is their way of communicating how they feel
  • By learning to attune to the feelings behind the behaviour and seeing it as a gift to understand, you will see your child differently
  • Once you learn to reflect and validate emotions so your child feels heard and seen, they will stop showing you how they feel through their behaviours
  • Learn to breathe deep and use self-regulation, co-regulation and presence to model healthy expression to your child

Virtual Non-Judgemental Space

  • Confidentiality expectations will be reviewed at the beginning of each meeting while all cameras are off
  • You will add topics into the chat box allowing themes to be gathered for the discussion
  • As topics arise you will have the choice to verbally share in the group with to without your camera on, or you can have a more behind the scenes role of listening and benefiting from the shared experiences and discussions
  • To attend the group, you need to pre-register with the clinic by completing an intake package using your name and information, and within Zoom you are able to sign in with an alias if desired


  • A 2-hour group is offered every Wednesday, and you can choose your own adventure by attending every week, every other week, or when you feel most drawn to be supported and informed
  • The biweekly schedule is every other Wednesday from 6-8 pm beginning July 13, 2022, and every other Wednesday from 9-11 am beginning July 20, 2022
  • The cost is $55 +HST per group session

If you want deeper connection and a more nurturing and regulated relationship with your kiddos, then reach out today. We’re here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Will benefits cover the parent groups? 

After the session occurs your credit card will be billed for $55+HST and you’ll be emailed a receipt for PsychotherapyIf you have extended health benefits that cover Psychotherapy then you’ll submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement and they will reimburse you according to the parameters of your plan.


What if I can’t make it to a group but I’ve registered? 

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy so cancellation with less than 48-hours notice will mean you’re charged for the group. We ask for notice so that we can offer your spot to others and honour everyone’s time. We understand emergencies happen and can offer compassionate exceptions if you inform us.


What virtual platform will we connect on? 

Ahead of the group, we will send out a Zoom link (Zoom is an encrypted platform). Please ensure you have a device capable of using Zoom and check your email close to the time of the group session as these will be sent out close to the time of the meeting so we can ensure all registrants receive a link.


How can I prepare for this?

Please log into your Jane account and complete your intake form. Under “What is the reason for your visit?”, please share clear questions or topics you would like addressed in the group.