Renelle Bourdage, MC, RP, CCC

Hi, my name is Renelle and I’m happy to meet you!

Simply put, I love what I do, and am honored to work alongside individuals on their mental health journeys. Like a journey, it takes courage to take the first step, thus I support my clients non-judgementally and with unconditional positive regard while they’re on their paths to wellness.

I work from a client centered and relational perspective, meaning that by following your need and lead, we work together to explore, reflect, and develop tools and strategies for coping.  It also means that I believe that part of my job as a psychotherapist is to hold the hope when it feels like you can’t hold it anymore, and to give it back to you when you’re ready. It’s then humbling to see the testimony of innate human strength when healing occurs.

Stemming from my respect for the healing process, I host a safe and confidential space where you are welcomed to start your journey.

Contact me today to take the first step.