Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) is a powerful way to shift out of limiting states of being on a mind, body, emotion, and spirit level. As Jon Eisman the founder says, “it’s like coming home to yourself.” Below I have included quotes from Jon’s website that explain the approach further:

“The Re-Creation of the Self Model of Human Systems (R-CS) has been called ‘an instruction manual for being a human being…’ It is a clearly defined map of the Self, and a comprehensive guide for being a person. R-CS holds that we are innately whole, but typically create a ‘committee’ of limiting trance states in order to accommodate difficult life situations. The model not only describes our many inner resources, but offers a powerful set of tools both for shifting consciousness immediately, and for emerging from our perceptions of woundedness and the seeming need for constant strategizing. It also promotes a practical vision for relating from an inclusive, compassionate state of maturity and wholeness.” *

“What makes R-CS so useful is not only that this map of the Self is presented in a clear and readily understood form, but that it offers specific, easily learned methods for both identifying and shifting these typically unconscious trance states. Viewing the Self as innately resourced, R-CS seeks to identify fragmented states of consciousness —held as neural patterns in the brain and body— that perpetuate both our…sense of wounding, and the limited behaviors that follow. It then works to allow  [us] to rediscover already existent pathways for preferred and expansive experiences.” *

R-CS is the practice of BEING your true Organic Self.  The Organic Self is the expansive and whole YOU that never gets affected by experience, but that all of us unconsciously strive to protect through limiting ways of being in the world.  By being your Organic Self, you can find that what you’re looking for outside of yourself (i.e. freedom, clarity, Truth, rightness, abundance, spaciousness, balance…) already resides within!

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*Source: http://meta-trainings.com/r-cs

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