Meditation Course

Meditation Course

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Course Schedule Spring 2019

Week 1 April 7 Mindful Mindset: The Common Pitfalls & Cultivating Presence

Week 2 April 14 Awareness: Concentration, Observation, Impermanence & Compassion

OFF April 21 Easter   See Recordings

Week 3 April 28 Awareness: Advanced Concentration Meditation & Observing

Week 4 May 5 Conditioning: Suffering, Acceptance & Letting Go

OFF May 12 Mother’s Day See Recordings

OFF May 19 Victoria Day See Recordings

Week 5 May 26 Being: Continue Impermanence & Being vs. Doing

Week 6 June 2 Being: The Inward Facing Path

Week 7 June 9 Being: The Outward Facing Path

OFF June 16 Father’s Day See Recordings

Week 8 June 23 Fulfillment: from Conditional to Unconditional

Please See Flyer for Address & Other Details

Course Structure: 30-minute lesson, 5-minute break, 25-minute guided meditation, 30-minutes question and answer. An audio recording of the lesson and meditation (but not the Q&A to ensure privacy) will be sent out after each session.  Meditation practice between sessions will optimize the benefits of the course.

Who This Course is for:

  • 17 years or older
  • Anyone seeking to reap the many mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of meditation for their personal and professional lives
  • Anyone open to experiencing thoughts, sensations, and emotions that arise and pass

Who This Course is Not for:

  • Anyone unable to sit for 30 minutes at a time (on a cushion or a chair)
  • Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis, psychosis, or with certain trauma histories that currently feels unable to experience their thoughts, sensations, or emotions (this is not a substitute for good quality psychotherapy and Erin will be acting as a meditation coach rather than a Psychotherapist for this course)

Course Investment:

  • $40/ Session or $295 if paid in full
  • For those paying in full please e-transfer the amount to guarantee registration (cheque can also be accepted)
  • For those paying weekly, $40 is required ahead as a deposit by e-transfer and post-dated cheques will be held on file ahead to guarantee registration  
  • Please indicate if you are paying by cheque when registering and staff will give instructions for drop-off

Refund Policy:

  • Full refunds will be issued until March 29th
  • 50% refunds until April 4th
  • No refunds after April 4th

Please email with any questions – I’m happy to hear from you!

“The goal of meditation is to uncover a form of wellbeing that is inherent to the nature of our minds.” Sam Harris