Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Therapy with Children, Teens, and Parents can occur in different ways:

Individual Therapy (Client-led Play or Teen Sessions)

Independent client-led sessions allow your child, tween, or teen the time and space to find their own way within a safe, trusting, and supportive environment filled with different modalities and tools.

Many problems can arise when kids are out of touch with their emotional life, meaning they lack an awareness of their true feelings, needs, and desires, or lack the ability to verbalize them, and therefore surely their parents are not aware of them either! This can generate low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, poor school performance or conflict with parents.

A major goal of therapy will be to help your child develop a conscious awareness of their emotional life. By using emotional tracking and reflection we encourage clients to have great respect for and awareness of their own feelings, desires and needs, and this has a positive ripple effect in their life.  As this process is client-led your child can accomplish this through talk, play, art, or sand.

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Parenting Counselling (On its own or alongside your child’s therapy)

When we work with the parents, we don’t give so much direct advice, rather we help you to develop your own solutions to your child’s issues. We really believe in you and feel that you possess the wisdom to resolve the problems, we just help you bring those great ideas out and put them into practice. We use Open-ended Questioning called “wonders” and reflections to guide you towards developing your own unique solutions and realizations.

During parent sessions we can discuss results from assessments or tracking tools used with your child and provide information about their unique developmental stage, challenges, common blocks, and share helpful tools that may have come forward in their work (while also respecting your child’s need for privacy in order to allow them to fully open up).

Parent sessions can also be viewed as a supportive addition to your child’s work.  These sessions can allow you to examine how you were raised and reflect on what parts of your past you are bringing forward to your child.  In this way you can also be supported in understanding where you may be hung up in patterns and identify where and how you want to make changes for yourself and your family.

Family Sessions (Use the Create Space to process any family challenges)

Sometimes part of our plan will involve time with parent(s), kids, and a therapist to strategize how to resolve issues together and to foster communication and deepened connection between parents and children. It’s amazing how many times parents have exclaimed, “Wow, so that’s the reason you’re acting this way, that’s how you really feel, I didn’t know that!” In addition, the child or teen is often made to realize that their parents’ behavior towards them, such as setting limits, is really all for their own benefit, and with this understanding they begin to resist and challenge less.

Over the years I have heard many youth say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m feeling and what I mean, thank you for interpreting kid-speak into adult-speak!” Parents are often thrilled to understand exactly why their child is feeling misunderstood and appreciate getting back on track!  We can help your child or teen to get their feelings, thoughts, and point of view so clear that they are much better able to communicate it to their parents, and this itself resolves many issues.

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